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Depending on the exact purpose of your life science facility, creating your ideal work environment can involve any number of different technologies. With Bioeralife science and our wide range of digital solutions and services for building management, safety, security, power supply and electrification, you can be sure the best solution for your individual needs is right at hand. 

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Bioeralife provides materials that are used across multiple medical specialties. By offering the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and process manufacturing in the industry, we help our partners increase the performance of each medical device.Bioeralife  offers the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and manufacturing across market .

Bioera Life Science provides materials that are used across multiple medical specialties. By offering the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and process manufacturing in the industry, we help our partners increase the performance of each medical device.

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Our Expertise

Pathologycam Testing

A comprehensive assessment of pathologic changes is integral to preclinical and clinical studies for determining safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action for novel therapeutic agents. Bio Era Life science Laboratory Pathology Services team features over 150 experts with multidisciplinary expertise in all types of drugs, biologics chemicals, and devices, offering several routine and specialized pathology services.

Biochemistry & Immunoassay

A wide variety of tests are available that include routine tests, hormonal assays, tumour markers, hemato-oncology parameters and covid prognostic indicators like IL-6, Procalcitonin and D- Dimers.

The testing platforms and techniques employed cover, biochemical analysis, chemiluminescence, nephelometry, capillary electrophoresis and Immunofixation.

We also run maternal screen for down’s syndrome and other trisomies on two separate platforms.

Pharmaceutical Research

This pattern of decreasing productivity despite advances in technology is driven by a complex combination of factors. These include growing requirements to obtain market approval, which have increased clinical trial costs, and an ever-increasing base of effective drugs that has shifted efforts to drugs for more complex conditions. Rising R&D costs can be both a cause and a result of higher drug prices, as the acceptance of higher prices by payers can make increasingly expensive R&D and acquisitions of R&D projects financially viable. Increasing R&D and acquisition costs can, in turn, drive up prices.

Why People Trust Us

Bio Era Life  Science Instruments was founded by a group of visionary technocrats and entrepreneurs who envisaged the need for high-quality and technologically advanced analytical instrumentation across India. Industries in India were growing at fast pace and needed precision instruments that were at par in quality with the global leaders, reasonably priced, and backed by robust after-sales-service.  

High Quality Lab

We Provide the Highest Quality Tests Service And Accurate Results

Unmatched Expertise

We create a scientific, all-inclusive, and value-adding diagnostic culture of excellent, timely test results conforming to world-class testing standards and benchmarks for swifter and better disease detection.

Our Unique Service Traits And Promises

As one of the most recognized and reliable medical laboratories in the market, we commit ourselves to a range of promises and traits that we never fail to deliver on.

Service Excellence

We promise to keep delivering exceptional and Excellent Services for our patrons,and we always Keep that Promise .

Latest Case Studies

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What People Say About Us

Always Quick And Reliable Service 

The arrangement is good and due precautions have been taken. Always have faith in Bio Era Life Science
Upendra Kishore
Very friendly and helpful. Turnaround time exceeded expectations. Stayed in contact before and after analysis. The report was just what we wanted.
Ajay Sharma
Connected with this lab from last 20 years or so. Always trusted with their results. Truly professional.

Expert Team

Our expert team consists of highly qualified and experienced Pathologists, Microbiologists and Biochemists in the field of diagnostics.  

Ms. Sushmita

Head of Laboratory Department

DR. Dang

Senior Pathologist

Pranidhi Wadhwa

Laboratory Technician

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

The lab feels extremely privileged and unanimously agrees that each and every Customer is  a ‘V.I.P’ for it and deserves the best attention and care.


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